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Salaat Time 2.7

This program reminds faithful Muslims the time of prayer or Salaat
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Faithful Muslims are required to pray at prescribed times, five times a day. This practice is known as Salaat. This program helps you not forget the Salaat times. It activates automatically when the time for prayer arrives.

The program's interface shows several clock faces, each one with different data. The first one shows the actual hour according to your system's clock. Next to it, a graphic shows the time of the next praying time. The rest of them show the time when the corresponding prayers must be said. It also shows a compass pointing to Mecca, so you can head to that direction when praying.

The program also shows the Gregorian months and their equivalents in the Muslim calendar, as well as a table with the days of the year and the different Salaat times.

When the time of for prayer comes, the program appears on the foreground of your desktop and a prayer will be heard. You can customize the prayer you want to hear on each praying time. Also, you can set the program to notify you before the time of prayer.

If you are a faithful Muslim and don't want to miss your Salaat times, then this free program may be useful for you.

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